27 November 2010

DIY Love Notes

Today - I am going to share with you one of my favorite DIY projects. I stumbled on this one day and I immediately bookmarked it because it was an instant FAVE. So, lets get creative and make this lovely origami heart love notes.

These are great for engagement invitations or even for Valentine's Day. Here is the back view:

Instructions for LOVE NOTES:

+ Print out the HEART DESIGN [click here]
+ It is best to print on good quality, textured, card stock.
+ Please refer to this site for folding instructions [click here]
+ Use a ruler to help guide you with the folds.
+ Make sure to start folding with the design facing downwards.
+ Upon completing, fold up from the bottom to write your message.

There you have it - a classic favorite lovely love note.

Credit: Eat Drink Chic

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